From whom are we inspired

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Below is a  very simple video explained…

People Inspires People, Well said and showed.

On the other side,
Seeing so many of us get inspired these days easily hence are picking up shortcuts, easy earnings, living life self-full…

Caution to be conscious…
Let’s be careful in doing our acts, as our footmarks can be followed by the next/see.
Let’s do good and inspire the world in doing the right, not the wrong.


India lowest Humanity rate in saving Victims

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A social experiment video with bold and eye opening statements at end.

” Indian Public has the lowest humanity rate in saving the victims ” …. this statement is really socking !!!!
An Eye opening atleast for me.

When we don’t do anything expect watching the tragedy, why do we talk so much ?
What’s the use of candle light rally after their pass ??
To whom are we showing that we are caring ?? and for what ??

There are many things that we are ignoring and becoming more Selfish in killing society around and indeed us in coming future.

Physically we are looking Humans but failing to be in practice.
These days, almost everyone are aware of what’s not right happening around, inspite correcting/helping it, we feeling comfortable in taking time in commenting/post-talking on it.

RIP Humanity.

I thank and appreciate this video team for their efforts.
Like everyone would do, I am even sharing/commenting on this video ….. But I will make sure that this will not end up in words but will ACT on at required (will help)

Sharing this video as it can hit you, just like how it had to me.

Director of Operations: Mother

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What an idea and practical application for understanding(forgetting it’s an ad)

Happy Mother’s day

On the other side,
I am afraid are we putting-more-time on enjoying ourselves or more concentrating on career, leaving us to forget our people and their efforts in bring up till here.
I sense a down fall of human values…
Though this video is a wonderful thought, I felt, is it we failing to understand words in straight way or feel it boring hearing/reading on keeping up the morals/valuing relations, so finally we are seeing video/concepts driving these themes in the way we understand, i.e, in our attitude / the way we see life.
Guess we understand more/easy now as this video had successfully linked up to the stream of our thinking. Because it’s a job interview we give it to hear, if he might have said earlier that it’s not an interview but share of few words on what moms do daily, not sure how many of us would really hang on still.

Coming out of it,
Wishing every Mother and HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY
Moms are always the best and we should be respecting them not just a day, but all the way.
Asking a question, have you and I tried surprising her in expressing our respect and love to her, other than on special days(birth day, anniversary & Mother’s day or with our first salary)

Happy Married Life to Mallikarjun

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It was Sunday April 20 2014:
mixed feelings – happiness, disappointments, many questions raising in mind, heart… oo a day well remembered.

mmm the day is nothing related to my personal stuff but it was Saayam Cheddam Foundation’s known person’s  reception.  Was feeling bad as I or anyone from SCF couldn’t make it to his marriage but was happy in making the good time for his reception at Maasanpally village Medak district.  Luckily reached the venue early as per the plan. Could spend good amount of time with the Groom and also got good opportunity to meet the long met friends – yes the students / adults whom SCF supported.

Really i was surprised by the way everyone were addressing us, the respect, politeness, caring and what not!!!
I spent most of the time with girl students who were enthusiastically sharing about everything. I too on other hand had a good feel in sharing few stuff from my end – my interests, hobbies etc.. The most interesting part was few of them were keen to know about internet and its usage. Fortunately thanks to my smart phone which worked there. All were glued to have a glance when i was showing.  We all had a talk about positives and negatives about internet…

Next I met the person whom SCF provided a livelihood support of Flour-Mill machine. Was really glad seeing him back to life with confidence in Life. A guy who was in depression 2 years back is now a happy Dad to 1 week baby girl! Wow! And whooooaaaa din’t recognize the little kidos Shiva and Mani who are all grown up. Remember these girls??? – daugthers of Bhagyamma to whom SCF provided a Buffalo for her livelihood.

It took me to 2 years back when SCF campaigned almost every month to pick the right & deserved.

Other part been: felt disappointed , sad as only 2 of us made to the special day of one of the most trusted local volunteer – Mallikarjun who is truly a good Samaritan. None of the members at-least conveyed the wishes through members who made to reception.
My dilemma is: is it members are failing to understand / recognize the true people or is it SCF needs to talk more!
but I’m still confused as even I’m a member, I too join the campaign works, meetings, events like all others… when I’m able to understand why not others! or so is it something to do with one’s interest & priorities!!!

mmmm what so ever, eagerly waiting to see understanding members specifically in SCF & in service organizations in general….

Coming to the wedded couple, they both look good together.
Have ever seen Mallikarjun(Groom) paired up with nice formal clothing, he was looking great, ofcourse his life  partner did.
Happy that we could spend long time there somewhere round 4:30 Pm – 10:00 Pm, though Mallikarjun was feeling bad that he was making us wait(function started so late) we conveyed that we had no issues as  were happy been there.

Wishing the couple a very happy married life from Saayam Cheddam Foundation!

oooo i forgot… Kiran got booked to dance & here it is..

Many Times it’s not just about money

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While many might feel doing something to others mostly require money and hence lands up in an opinion: will step in to service when I am Settled / earns good amount of printed papers.

Yes, Service even requires money but it just doesn’t start and end with it, specially not the START.
Finance play ‘A’ part of the whole thing.

It all requires to….
– Hear the need
– Understands the requirement
– Study the conditions
– Use our brain to develop an idea
– Implement the plan and finance if required.

Check this…

All cheers to everyone who has spent time to understand the problem, develop this innovative and effective plan and successfully implemented.

Referring this video, things to understand (including me)
Every issue initially needs
– TIME to hear
– BRAIN to understand and think.

CLICK Output 1

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CLICK – Awakening Through Creative Photography : is an initiation by Saayam Cheddam Foundation.
Its Triggering socio or forgotten basic values of Humans.
For more info on CLICK,


Below is the 1st output of CLICK.
Required action from members:
Please see the image & comment your suggestions. (the suggestions will be considered for a week i.e. Nov 26 2013).
* click on the image for full size view.

CW2 - Attitude towards NEED

Un-friendly Ganesh (don’t make it this way)

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Probably I am bit late saying it, but wish to share a simple and good video, indeed an animated clip.

Congratulation to the makers and all the efforts appreciated, not just the concept and they way they linked up but for the nice and neat animation. A fearing feature been framed.