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It just about INTEREST

Posted: September 13, 2016 by kiranf9 in Information, Inpiration, Video

We appreciate someone going out of their way in helping a needy.
Then what can we call this ?

An IIT Professor who owns a luxury life, leaves all of it for working on his interest: Tribal uplift.
Alok Sagar saab, a big salute to you. For not just what you are doing, but the way you are doing as well. It’s not come and go to the village, but you are there as one among them(living their life, facing the same problems they would…)

Thank you for showing all of us how easy it is to leave luxury / controversy / complaining   and live a life we wanted with great satisfaction.

Thank you for Inspiring us


It is

Posted: February 16, 2015 by kiranf9 in Information

For all those who have this opinion:
It’s first Mind/Idea and then Money
This is yet another example to your strength.

Service / helping is not just about Money…


It is a wonderful idea and congratulations for making it happen.
Well done “Molty Foam”

Touch of Love

Posted: January 17, 2015 by kiranf9 in Information

” LOVE can do miracles “
We all agree the statement, but very rarely we keep it in practice and especially when it is really required.

Was Spellbound seeing this video

The touch of Love is just amazing…
We belonging to NGO, I think we should be equally carrying the quality of LOVE, specially while talking to the needy

Can do far more to what we think we can

Posted: December 26, 2014 by kiranf9 in Information

Completely agree with the lady said….at 1:15 – More than anything we need job (to be independent)
But just agreeing with it does nothing to the NEEDY,… Really inspiring that this CEO, the young female understanding it and taking a step ahead in giving a shape to her emotion.
Resulting 2:05

Thank you for showing and proving : We can do far more to what we think we CAN !!
Taken the learn: not just giving an opinion but to step up and do, or in other way, when I do nothing to it.. should just shut my mouth and let others do in their way.

From whom are we inspired

Posted: October 15, 2014 by kiranf9 in Information

Below is a  very simple video explained…

People Inspires People, Well said and showed.

On the other side,
Seeing so many of us get inspired these days easily hence are picking up shortcuts, easy earnings, living life self-full…

Caution to be conscious…
Let’s be careful in doing our acts, as our footmarks can be followed by the next/see.
Let’s do good and inspire the world in doing the right, not the wrong.

India lowest Humanity rate in saving Victims

Posted: July 1, 2014 by kiranf9 in Information

A social experiment video with bold and eye opening statements at end.

” Indian Public has the lowest humanity rate in saving the victims ” …. this statement is really socking !!!!
An Eye opening atleast for me.

When we don’t do anything expect watching the tragedy, why do we talk so much ?
What’s the use of candle light rally after their pass ??
To whom are we showing that we are caring ?? and for what ??

There are many things that we are ignoring and becoming more Selfish in killing society around and indeed us in coming future.

Physically we are looking Humans but failing to be in practice.
These days, almost everyone are aware of what’s not right happening around, inspite correcting/helping it, we feeling comfortable in taking time in commenting/post-talking on it.

RIP Humanity.

I thank and appreciate this video team for their efforts.
Like everyone would do, I am even sharing/commenting on this video ….. But I will make sure that this will not end up in words but will ACT on at required (will help)

Sharing this video as it can hit you, just like how it had to me.

Many Times it’s not just about money

Posted: March 8, 2014 by kiranf9 in Information

While many might feel doing something to others mostly require money and hence lands up in an opinion: will step in to service when I am Settled / earns good amount of printed papers.

Yes, Service even requires money but it just doesn’t start and end with it, specially not the START.
Finance play ‘A’ part of the whole thing.

It all requires to….
– Hear the need
– Understands the requirement
– Study the conditions
– Use our brain to develop an idea
– Implement the plan and finance if required.

Check this…

All cheers to everyone who has spent time to understand the problem, develop this innovative and effective plan and successfully implemented.

Referring this video, things to understand (including me)
Every issue initially needs
– TIME to hear
– BRAIN to understand and think.