is basically a group which is heading towards helping the under-privileged and working for a better society.

SCF is a place where
– Helping in not a business nor a hobby, but a responsibility.
– Work speaks more than words.
– Open for all helping hands and noble hearts.

For understanding SCF’s working culture and projects, please visit us at:  www.saayamcheddam.org

SCF existence/forums to join/follow:
# LINKED-IN GROUP (recent launch)
# PICASA (Images clicked at activities)

Usually in SCF forums, members share only required information, as not to dilute the main focus.

i.e, shares only WHAT happened and not HOW it happened, hence this blog.
In addition to that, this is even to share all kind of service based: experiences with SCF/outside SCF,  new ideas, proposals, inspiring write-ups/images… etc.
SCF read mails at: saayam.cheddam@yahoo.in
If you want to get registered as a member to SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION, Please click here and fill the details

  1. It was nice to get to know you and believe as we are being an NGO will join hands for the development needy communities.

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