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India lowest Humanity rate in saving Victims

Posted: July 1, 2014 by kiranf9 in Information

A social experiment video with bold and eye opening statements at end.

” Indian Public has the lowest humanity rate in saving the victims ” …. this statement is really socking !!!!
An Eye opening atleast for me.

When we don’t do anything expect watching the tragedy, why do we talk so much ?
What’s the use of candle light rally after their pass ??
To whom are we showing that we are caring ?? and for what ??

There are many things that we are ignoring and becoming more Selfish in killing society around and indeed us in coming future.

Physically we are looking Humans but failing to be in practice.
These days, almost everyone are aware of what’s not right happening around, inspite correcting/helping it, we feeling comfortable in taking time in commenting/post-talking on it.

RIP Humanity.

I thank and appreciate this video team for their efforts.
Like everyone would do, I am even sharing/commenting on this video ….. But I will make sure that this will not end up in words but will ACT on at required (will help)

Sharing this video as it can hit you, just like how it had to me.