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Director of Operations: Mother

Posted: May 13, 2014 by kiranf9 in Uncategorized

What an idea and practical application for understanding(forgetting it’s an ad)

Happy Mother’s day

On the other side,
I am afraid are we putting-more-time on enjoying ourselves or more concentrating on career, leaving us to forget our people and their efforts in bring up till here.
I sense a down fall of human values…
Though this video is a wonderful thought, I felt, is it we failing to understand words in straight way or feel it boring hearing/reading on keeping up the morals/valuing relations, so finally we are seeing video/concepts driving these themes in the way we understand, i.e, in our attitude / the way we see life.
Guess we understand more/easy now as this video had successfully linked up to the stream of our thinking. Because it’s a job interview we give it to hear, if he might have said earlier that it’s not an interview but share of few words on what moms do daily, not sure how many of us would really hang on still.

Coming out of it,
Wishing every Mother and HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY
Moms are always the best and we should be respecting them not just a day, but all the way.
Asking a question, have you and I tried surprising her in expressing our respect and love to her, other than on special days(birth day, anniversary & Mother’s day or with our first salary)