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Happy Married Life to Mallikarjun

Posted: April 22, 2014 by Harini in Uncategorized

It was Sunday April 20 2014:
mixed feelings – happiness, disappointments, many questions raising in mind, heart… oo a day well remembered.

mmm the day is nothing related to my personal stuff but it was Saayam Cheddam Foundation’s known person’s  reception.  Was feeling bad as I or anyone from SCF couldn’t make it to his marriage but was happy in making the good time for his reception at Maasanpally village Medak district.  Luckily reached the venue early as per the plan. Could spend good amount of time with the Groom and also got good opportunity to meet the long met friends – yes the students / adults whom SCF supported.

Really i was surprised by the way everyone were addressing us, the respect, politeness, caring and what not!!!
I spent most of the time with girl students who were enthusiastically sharing about everything. I too on other hand had a good feel in sharing few stuff from my end – my interests, hobbies etc.. The most interesting part was few of them were keen to know about internet and its usage. Fortunately thanks to my smart phone which worked there. All were glued to have a glance when i was showing.  We all had a talk about positives and negatives about internet…

Next I met the person whom SCF provided a livelihood support of Flour-Mill machine. Was really glad seeing him back to life with confidence in Life. A guy who was in depression 2 years back is now a happy Dad to 1 week baby girl! Wow! And whooooaaaa din’t recognize the little kidos Shiva and Mani who are all grown up. Remember these girls??? – daugthers of Bhagyamma to whom SCF provided a Buffalo for her livelihood.

It took me to 2 years back when SCF campaigned almost every month to pick the right & deserved.

Other part been: felt disappointed , sad as only 2 of us made to the special day of one of the most trusted local volunteer – Mallikarjun who is truly a good Samaritan. None of the members at-least conveyed the wishes through members who made to reception.
My dilemma is: is it members are failing to understand / recognize the true people or is it SCF needs to talk more!
but I’m still confused as even I’m a member, I too join the campaign works, meetings, events like all others… when I’m able to understand why not others! or so is it something to do with one’s interest & priorities!!!

mmmm what so ever, eagerly waiting to see understanding members specifically in SCF & in service organizations in general….

Coming to the wedded couple, they both look good together.
Have ever seen Mallikarjun(Groom) paired up with nice formal clothing, he was looking great, ofcourse his life  partner did.
Happy that we could spend long time there somewhere round 4:30 Pm – 10:00 Pm, though Mallikarjun was feeling bad that he was making us wait(function started so late) we conveyed that we had no issues as  were happy been there.

Wishing the couple a very happy married life from Saayam Cheddam Foundation!

oooo i forgot… Kiran got booked to dance & here it is..