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Many Times it’s not just about money

Posted: March 8, 2014 by kiranf9 in Information

While many might feel doing something to others mostly require money and hence lands up in an opinion: will step in to service when I am Settled / earns good amount of printed papers.

Yes, Service even requires money but it just doesn’t start and end with it, specially not the START.
Finance play ‘A’ part of the whole thing.

It all requires to….
– Hear the need
– Understands the requirement
– Study the conditions
– Use our brain to develop an idea
– Implement the plan and finance if required.

Check this…

All cheers to everyone who has spent time to understand the problem, develop this innovative and effective plan and successfully implemented.

Referring this video, things to understand (including me)
Every issue initially needs
– TIME to hear
– BRAIN to understand and think.