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A Memory Rolled Back – SARAS

Posted: August 7, 2013 by Harini in Uncategorized

As usual while checking FB groups, I came across an NGO group – ‘Yuva Seva’.
While seeing their recent visit pics, it took me down the memory to few years back of a Home by name ‘Save All Reach All’ (SARAS).

About SARAS:
It truly stands for Home for Homeless consisting of Orphan kids, elders, destitute, differently abled with the total strength of 80+ (as per my knowledge).

It was in the year 2011, one of our SCF member came to know about this Home through an indirect channel.
The then requirement of the Home made the channel to introduce this Home SARAS to us. The Home was in desperate need of school bags for the kids as kids were not allowed and indeed stopped by the school management after 2 months of repeated cautioning (kids were carrying books in gunny bags & covers).
This emergency need was known by talking directly to the incharge of the Home Miss.Padma.
Immediately the need was fulfilled by getting bags for 50 children on the same day.
This act of us made the media who were then trying to help the Home in their own way (by spreading) to contact us.
These people approached us (SCF) for media coverage regarding bags distribution. Though it was not ok for us at first, but later as they(media) said it would help others to take inspiration and come forward to help even in such a way (materialistic help), we accepted and that’s how it was in media (TV show & news paper). This all happened within a span of 5 days i guess.

Now luckily i found the the Video clip online which I’m sharing it here (not sure why it was unshared all these years even in SCF),
(Heard that there was a small article published in the news paper, we din’t bothered to see or collect it at that time, and now couldn’t find it to share)

After this (bags distribution)
SCF was invited for Home’s annual celebrations after a month , to which even I attended.
Felt interested to see all the type of people staying together by helping out each other. The Home was located in Thapovan Bhavan, Back side of mandal office, Shamirpet, ranga Reddy district.
It was a rented bungalow of 2 floors and a pent house. Ground floor for elders, the remaining for kids and others.
As it was a celebration day, dint get any chance to interact with the Home residents.
SCF felt to visit back again to this Home for sure, when they are leisure.

As SCF just then stepped into rural development (2011), getting back to this Home din’t happen nor was aware of any news from them which might even made us that they are doing ok (purely my assumption).


Now when I see the pics of the Home Aug 6 2013,
I’m just taken aback in surprise and shock. Din’t find the  Home residents in that building but could see them taking shelter in an unfinished house with just a slab, and could see tore tarpaulins acting as side walls!
Still in dilemma and unsure of the exact situation.

Would be taking this to discussion immediately with the SCF team as wanted to share in-depth about this Home which can’t be done in writing.

Ending this write-up with Hopes.


Prize of working

Posted: August 1, 2013 by kiranf9 in Members Experiences

Last night (July 31, 2013) received a call from a new number.
As was in busy couldn’t pick up the call, but did as could see it getting back again for the second time(expecting it might be a blood request, am registered in many online blood donors database). But to my surprise it’s an old friend, an old SCF member.

He says,
It’s been an year that he is out of contact with many and even to SCF, now he wants to turn back and wanted to be in touch. Now as he is in to job(indeed he received his first salary) and said will be really happy if he can be of any help for SCF(ofcourse of what he can)
Added, he can help for banking stuff if required, as he is a bank employee now( Co-operative bank, Vijayawada)

He happened to see SCF website before calling me(to check my contact number) and expressed his happiness on SCF as we are performing progressive. Discussed few of the needs/projects and their status while he was here in  hyd.(Kappaladoddi – weavers support, Devarakonda – save a girl child etc)
He shared his happiness on: giving livelihood, specially on Jyothi (he knew jyothi as he is part of initial drive to Chandur)

He added, that many people start but only few continue it and out of which very few give progress and said SCF has it’s own mark in doing it.
That makes him not to leave SCF and it made him to turn back again after all these years.
(If the word helps comes, I remember SCF)

He none other than, Praveen of Anakapalli
Who happened to meet and join SCF activities while he was in Hyderabad(2011).
He joined the first campaigning drive to Chandur, Jogipet, Medak Dist. and in the first visit to Maadugula, Vizag dist.


Beeing a member of it, feeling so pride to see someone remembers SCF and specially it’s working culture making them to turn back and willing to do their bit through SCF.
Delighted that SCF has gained such trust levels.
Wish we(SCF) continue to concentrate on work and not much on the secondary stuffs…….