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Disconnect to Connect

Posted: July 31, 2013 by Harini in Uncategorized

A Powerful Message conveyed Silently n Beautifully…

We – The Humans: got addicted so much to technology that we became more than enough knowledgeable by being
Loving Things & Using People!


Yuwa India girls secure third position in Gasteiz Cup:


The U-14 women’s football team from Jharkhand, called Yuwa, has won the third position in the Gasteiz Cup held in Spain.
They were placed third out of ten teams in the girls’ category with two wins and two losses and a draw.

They also took part in the Donosti Cup in San Sebastian, which is regarded as one of Spain’s most prestigious tournaments, with over 400 teams participating from all around the world. The team made it to the group phase before being knocked out by Santa Teresa of Spain.

The team also made a visit to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on July 7, which is home to 9-times Champions League winners Real Madrid.

The team consisted of tribal girls from Jharkhand who were trained in football by the NGO Yuwa, with most of them being victims of child marriage and human trafficking. Yuwa worked to provide them with new opportunities through sports and education.

The girls were humiliated, slapped and forced to sweep floors when they went to the Panchayat Office to get their birth certificates for their passports.

“We could not sleep that night (when we came third in the tournament)” says Rinky Kumari, one of the girls.

“That is the pain of being a tribal girl in India. I do not remember the slap, I remember the Cup.”



Man – What is this

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Sharing this with a heavy heart after watching this video,

Couldn’t hold up my emotion at a point, was in tears.
Very mixed emotions:
Pain seeing the victims
Hate for those who are performing the acts
senseless to those who are supporting the “wrong act” indeed giving reasons

‘Truth is bitter to take’ – I am experiencing it right now.

Many things going with-in me but unable to document them.
Just having them felt shouldn’t be ended with crying/praying… but isn’t it to be taken ahead for a CHANGE ?

Where are we living ?
What are we doing ?
Society is a reflection of the people living in it ==>> ” It’s People who makes society, but not society which makes people
It’s not society that should be blamed for any cultural following, but we the people who are blindly following it…
Don’t understand…. When we feel it wrong being a victim (Ex: pay dowry for your daughter), how can it becomes right, when we are benefited from it (Ex: demand to get dowry for your son)
We are just self-fish and nothing else.

It’s not society to be changed, but it’s our(peoples) Mindsets.

Language of Silence

Posted: July 16, 2013 by kiranf9 in Information

Words which stuck in my mind seeing it….
Language of Silence
We talk, but do we express ?
We hear, but do we listen ?

Straight away video asked a question, who are disable ?
After seeing the video(with audio), think we all should be answering it to ourselves.

Let us be able and that is to be constructive.