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Behind OUR Luxury

Posted: June 4, 2013 by kiranf9 in Information

Speechless seeing the last one minute of the video.

Yes I too believe ” Behind every Luxury, there are hidden Consequences “ and afraid specially if they are destructive.
And the worst part on us is, though we feel horrible when we sight them but still don’t keep these destructive luxuries away.

When ever we see or comes to our notice of such facts…
Many feel bad seeing these, but how many take a oath not to keep it the same way from then
Few do take, but how many keep it in practice
Very few keep it implemented, but how many do it for longer
And on the other how many spread the good thing…

If we need to live, should be doing it like never stop living,
If we should start doing good, should be doing it like never even thinking bad.

We need it badly !! – don’t forget YOU are the one in that WE.

We are the one who are destructing and imbalancing the world, or truly speaking the NATURE.