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Change should come in the name of development

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2012 Round-up

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2012 SCF work1

2012 is a Fruitful year with new experiences

2012 activities:
It was a good journey with sensible initiations and good activities.
Specially after last year’s major stepping into Rural Development, this year made a good next step.

What we could do:
1. Mission Education: (Continuation of 2011 initiation)
Believing in “Today’s Child is Tomorrow’s Citizen”,
And a civilized citizen would understand better and share his responsibility towards a constructive Nation.
In giving education right to every child, SCF drove to identify helpless drop-out students and supporting them to give them the required education.
List of Educational needs picked for the academic year 2012-13:

Detailed study on this at:

2. Reaching the Un-Reached
An attempt of tribal uplift.
Detailed study on this at:

3. Life settlement / Livelihood support
– Bhagyamma
A widow lady with 2 girl children, who works as maid and lives in a left alone house of a villager. Conditions were hard for her to provide 2 times food to her kids.
SCF have campaigned and understood her situations and supported her by giving a buffalo. Now she is benefiting with additional income, which is giving basics to the family.
Detailed study on this at:

– Jyothi
Daughter of a family who earns Rs.10,000/- per year at ones. Were in hard times and not able to meet many basics of living.
SCF explained it’s intention of why settlement is more important for her rather than joining to Degree(graduation). As per her and family acceptance she has been moved to Hyderabad and made her undergo
Spoken English course simultaneously to a placement assured certified Beautician course

Now she is a certified beautician and earning Rs.5,500/- per month
Please note, it’s just been 5 months she is doing job.

4. Re-building the Nation
An attempt to improve morals, ethics, values and raise social responsibility in individuals, specially in students(youth)
More details on this project at:

Started with SCF’s beneficiary students:
Event MIL-JUL on Aug 15 2012
Event Theme: Shouldn’t end up unshaped and we should start helping to our possibility from our surroundings first.

To the general audience:
Social Welfare Event on Dec 09 2012: Feast In nature, A vanabhojanam(An Indian, specifically Andhra Pradhesh occasion) event with social touch. Venue: Old age home.
Event Theme: delivering basic social messages
Importance of Trees -> plant and don’t destroy trees,
Anti-polythene -> how much damage polythene causes and
Pledging eyes -> awareness on real facts.

5. Vision EYE
Spreading the importance of having sight and awareness to “Pledge Eyes” (pre and post process)
This is one social theme that is tagged in every event organized by SCF
This year, delivered it through Social Welfare Event which was presented on Dec 09 2012.
28 Pledged their eyes this year.
More details on this project at:

6. Support to Visually challenged: Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika, a free hostel for visually challenged.
Regular reading session in helping them their syllabus in braille.
Volunteered as scribes.
Rs. 6,700/- towards their iron racks.

7. Timely help:
Rs. 30,000/- towards a medical need
More details at:

8. Weavers uplift:
To understand more on weaving, visited and campaigned conditions at Pochampally, Naglonda dist.
Understood people here are doing good marketing and felt to cover this place for weavers documentary video shoot.

Few lighter moments…
– BE AWARE -> a team building event, targeting the new members to understand the values in building the team stronger.
– Frequent visit to Maata Pitarula Seva Sadan, old age home in giving our time in their hard times.
We cooked food for the home on a day, when the home cook was on leave.
Volunteered in construction work as the home is getting extended.
Attended and volunteered few occasions at home on their request.


What we couldn’t do:
– There was a medical need posted,
need: 7-8 lacks to a 14 yrs boy for his kidney transplantation
couldn’t do anything.
– An initiation, Summer camp at orphanage
Couldn’t execute it as din’t find a promising orphanage who are open in holidays too.
– Weavers documentary
Couldn’t re-start and complete it.
– Save a Girl child
First half year we couldn’t find the local contact who can be our face initially to campaign tribal villages.
Second half we were engaged in other projects and couldn’t take out time for this.

– Visit and meet ‘Samrita Trust’ to understand and how can it be helpful for VKVedika.
They provide audio files on all – regular educational syllabus for visually challenged.
– Visit and meet ‘Sri Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute’ to understand will they be of any help for upliftment of weavers
They provide many life settlement courses in which there are few on textile.


Platform Changes:
June 18 – New start: Facebook Page (
June 19 – New start: SCF on Twitter (
Aug 28 – New start: SCF Blog (
Aug 28 – New start: Linked-in Group (
Aug 28 – Stop: No more updates to SCF orkut community.


Finances for the whole year 2012:
Support received (in to SCF account): Rs. 2,61,806 /-
Support Delivered (out from SCF account): Rs. 1,84,023/-
Note: Including few non-educational, there are still educational needs to which support is still to be delivered (academic year ends in March-April 2013)


SCF appreciates each and every member, volunteer, supporter and well wishers who followed, suggested, guided, supported and performed.
It’s all you guys who made 2012 possible this way.
Cheers for being sensible and needful.

CRITICS !! we even thank for your words and attitude, you made us to be more focused.

Activity flow of 2012:

Taking a new Initiation is easier, when compared to keep performing and maintaining it’s quality and value, as intended.
Wishing 2013 be a NEEDFUL and FRUITFUL year.

A Change over

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Bhagyamma acomplished

Adding to what image states…

Took almost 8-9 months
to get back her lost HOPE and smiles
It all belongs to her now 🙂

She is living independent with all pride 🙂
A happy mother, feeding food 2 times a day regularly(every day)
A satisfied family head, providing all required basics to the family.

As work with buffalo majorly involves in early and late hours, which allowed bhagyamma to still continue her regular working: daily labor
Which is one of the major factor that made Saayam Cheddam Foundation to pick and provide this support..

More details…

Appreciation to all the volunteers/members/supporters who chipped-in to make this possible.

Cheers to
– Idea proposed: Venkata Saidavali
– Financial support in this act: Walter Heck and Kishore Budde
– Coordinator: Kiran Hari

Start seeing around,
there are many that YOU and me have to work at.(socially)
Your giving might be small for you, but it can be of someone’s awaiting hope.