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Are we loosing ourselves ?

Posted: December 22, 2012 by kalyanuday in Uncategorized

Video says everything.


Though this might not happened near us, but sure human kind is slowly loosing it’s basic shape. There are many symptoms in our society which are live examples for in-human acts.
WAKE UP my friends, family, elders, youngsters…
WAKE UP to the reality, let’s get back to where we should be belonging to.

Have just seen an video, in the new feeds at Facebook.
Am really impressed and have no words watching it. Its a documentary of an initiation.

An eat-out(KFC) at Kolkata( India), have a complete staff of differently abled !!
Watch it….

Though I am impressed with their smiles, before appreciating the differently abled staff, would talk about the real work behind this.

Few words(challenges) from the authorities:
Giving “One Minute” service
Training was very difficult (5-6 months)

Of what ever their(authorities) efforts kept in training, might have taken good amount of time, money, concern and frustrations (in-between, if they couldn’t perform as expected) but all that will last forever in the receivers/beneficiary lives.
This is what called a “Permanent solution” and that is why it’s impressing.
I believe this happened only because they(authorities) REALLY WANTED it to happen, so they with-stood everything.

Heart full cheers to
Authorities, who were inspired from seeing such initiative some where abraod and wish to implement
Trainers, for cracked/customized training
Manager, for handling the outlet with all this staff.
Should even thank the customers who are accepting them

And appreciation to the specially abled staff, in capitalizing the opportunity and performing the job with pleasure.

Permanent solution is the only way that someone should be aiming in HELPING/GIVING someone.
This is the only way which makes them (needy) independent.
And not by just ending up, being very happy in being the reason of their(needy) smiles for A DAY.

Efforts towards “permanent solutions” will seek more time in the journey/process before it comes to the result,  it might be months or sometimes years too, but it’s the right way to do.
These are not which happens just like that, not by a day visit, nor try to work when feel-like/get-time to do.

While sharing my feelings on this video, at the end there’s another experience popped up in my mind
Though I am bit confused whether to end it this way, but wanted to make this note….
Not sure how many understood the Need: “Bhagyamma, a widow lady with 2 girl child” in SCF.
Please click to read the need and how SAAYAM CHEDDAM have delivered it’s responsibility.

Thank you SAAYAM CHEDDAM Foundation for believing in “understanding the ROOT CAUSE” of a need and only then deliver. (permanent solution)
Thank you for being a REAL service platform,
wishing you(indeed we members) to keep this up all the time.