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Happy Children’s Day

Posted: November 14, 2012 by kiranf9 in Uncategorized

Children’s are the best learns and they should have no boundaries in exploring their own capabilities (with proper guidance). They should be allowed in taking freedom to have every joy of life.

Every child is special in their own way and different from other. (as said in the movie ” Tare Zameen Par”)
Here’s a special video(found it online) which explores the other side of the reality:

Every child should get their chance to grow.
If they are not fortunate to get that through family, we(society) should be stepping up in giving it.
While many children will be celebrating “Children’s Day” in getting chocolates/gifts and taking off from school, in other hand there are same many who don’t even knew that there’s a day dedicated to them and still doing their regularities: begging / working(child labor) / being shelter-less / ¬†getting close to prostitution / attracting to gutka-smoking-….etc

Let’s understand: today’s child makes tomorrow country.
Let’s be a part in making our tomorrow’s Nation.Let’s not only stop ourselves in celebrating and greeting every/our child HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY, let’s understand the other part of reality and start doing our bit to MAKE EVERY CHILD HAPPY and growing themselves and our nation !!

Social Welfare Event 2012 – Invitation

Posted: November 6, 2012 by saayamcheddam in Uncategorized

Social Welfare Event:
“Vanabhojanam” (A tradition of family gathering in the season of Kartika Masam), with a social touch.

It’s about,

A stress free day out to a non-polluted atmosphere
Spending good moments out of busy running life
Receiving the fun of games
Taking surprise gifts and smiles
Experiencing the joy of sharing.

To get this joy, register at SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION