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Nature is always true

Posted: October 30, 2012 by kiranf9 in Information, Members Experiences

Below place looks more amazing to the real eye, it’s a reservoir surrounded by huge mountains
Truly an Eye treat, ofcourse coz it’s a non polluted true nature…

But tears roll down when we see beyond the beauty of this nature, there are many tribes who live on those huge mountains, with no basics available.
No hospital
No proper road ways
No transport available
No schools
*to the near 20km

Though still have to reach there(core) to serve, started our steps marching towards it, keeping them as the destination: REACHING THE UN-REACHED

For more details on this..
I once again thank SCF for giving the opportunity to explore/witness/experience the reality, work for the need and deliver my bit.
*This pic has been captured at a place near by Maadugula, Vishakapatnam dist., while reaching the need and campaigning the conditions there.

Lo and Behold! … the first ever SCF (Saayam Cheddam Foundation) workshop is here…. and this is a live blogging of what is happening.
The best way to feel the whole experience of this thing is being here; Well for those who aren’t/couldn’t.. consume this blog post 😀

SCF - Workshop ... Beware.. Socially Responsible people at Work.

SCF – Workshop … Beware.. Socially Responsible people at Work.


  1. There is so much going on here.. it is pretty hard to describe it in a blog post and would be too lengthy to read. Trying our best to keep it short 🙂
  2. Blog contents would change dynamically, as I try to keep up with talk speed and type down the idea blasts here. There could be unfinished lines that doesn’t make sense. Will eventually get back to it and complete it.

Why is a workshop being organised.. would meetings not be enough?

Meetings are great, but most meetings end up only in talks… random ideas being thrown around and most ideas die down when members disperse and go away to their homes.
We were looking for some way of mashing up all the ideas and making sure that the work on ideas start without delays … challenges like individuals working separately from their homes and missing collaboration needed to be overcome.
With couple of members in SCF having past experience in attending Co-Working sessions and hackathons, the idea of this workshop popped up and on serious note this seemed to be ‘the thing’ for us to get work done.

Structure of SCF Workshop

  • Introduction – Discuss with participants on what set goals we want to achieve at the end of workshop.For this current workshop, it was our goal of planning and getting stuff done for the Social Welfare Event.
  • Initiation – Members get to choose their part in the workshop depending on their skills and interests. They could group up or work as individual yet hang out in the group for feedback, extending ideas and/or motivation.
  • Building Ideas – Based on Challenge lists and chosen initiations, members will pitch in their ideas and mashup!
  • Checkpoints – All members share their raw form ideas and as a group we will filter/align them to the final main goal of structuring the Social Welfare event.
  • Implementation – Start working on the ideas that go through a green flag on checkpoints.
  • End of Day Demo – Present your creations, talk out about work done during the day… be receptive to feedback and improvements.

What is this whole workshop about?

Our first workshop is to plan and start organizing Social Welfare Event for 2012.

There are many people in the society who want to do some form of service to others, but may not find the time, direction and motivation to do it.
Most times, it is lack of information and lack of touch with the ‘not so fortunate’ part of society. People don’t get to see or hear about the needs of the society that could channel them to go do something good for it.

With this social Welfare event, which will be a mix of fun, games and social message, we intend to achieve an unified collaboration place and gathering that will bring together different sectors of the society and thus bringing to light the unspoken lives of elders at oldage homes, the struggle of differently abled children/people (which is sadly termed ‘disabled’), the plight of smart students/kids who cannot afford education, smaller but important things of regular life routine like environmental conservation and tons of other surprising stuff (psst.. may be some tips on how to live forever)!

This is though not our first dig at organizing a Social Welfare Event, challenges are inevitable.
Last event was held on 19,20th Nov 2011 and for those interested, a full summary of it can be read here.

It was short planned, not adequately publicized about (which ended up in low number of attendees), and coupled with other pitfalls ………. pretty much everything that we are trying to avoid this time 🙂

SCF members in Workshop.. going through the Introduction phase of Workshop. Intense Intense Intense!

SCF members in Workshop.. going through the Introduction phase of Workshop.
Intense Intense Intense!

What challenges are we talking about?

  1. Deciding the date.
  2. How do we spread the word to more audiences.
  3. How to reach people who don’t have access to internet and the ones that we can’t reach via social networks. Creation of online registration forms, Confirmation and Thanking email templates.
  4. Deciding on participation/registration amount, mode of receiving funds and closing date for registration.
  5. Structure the Event flow – Host of event, Speeches, Skits, Activity and games to suit all aged people, Discussions and Sharing.
  6. Lunch preparations keeping in consideration the requirements of elderly and the visually challenged people. ( Not to spicy, not unhealthy, but should taste good)
  7. Return Gifts, Handouts, Visiting Cards, Eye pledging forms to be accessible to all visitors at the venue.
  8. How to get the ground work at venue to be done in advance – setting the stage, equipment, decorations.
  9. How to correctly guide the route to venue for people who might be coming there for first time.
  10. Designing Event poster, Flyers.
  11. Video and Pictorial coverage of the event.
  12. Find adequate volunteers for the event.
  13. Find sponsors for the event.

List of Tasks Done

  1. Venue Decided – MAATA PITARULA SEVA SADANAM, Ibrahimpatnam. (Sagar Road), Hyderabad.
    The Home is located outside city limits. The founder of the Home is a “freedom fighter” Sir. Ranga Reddy Gaaru. The oldage home is ‘free’ with socially responsible trustee members / management. They are currently 36 grannies and grandpas residing at this home.
  2. Timings for Event decided – 0900 to 1800 . Date yet to be decided.
  3. 1000 - Registrations, Logins on a Counter and seat attendees at tent place.
    1015 - Intro Songs by Visually Challenged students.
    1030 - Inviting intro speeches from Oldage home and Visually challenged home representatives.
    1100 - Intro everyone to the day's agenda and activity flow.
    1115 - Encourage visitors to go around the huge oldage home, visit the inmates and get a feel of an alternate life
    1215 - Lunch for oldage inmates - served at their regular eating premises - serving by us.
    1245 - Lunch for visually challenged inmates - served after completion of lunch of oldage inmates - serving by us.
    1315 - Open Buffet - for everyone... followed by walk in the Oldage home garden.
    1400 - Entertaining Zone - 2 hours of Games, Skits, Activities.
    1600 - Driving into the underlying 'Main Event Theme' - Social Responsibility, Nature Conservation, General Awareness and more...
    1630 - Dedicated intro about Vikalangula Kalyana Vedika. , along with Tea Break and shop at VKVedika stall on venue.
    1650 - Vote of Thanks.
    1700 - Closing

  4. Publishing and Advertising – Share on Pinterest, Link Twitter -> Facebook and keep regular activity on a twitter hash tag for SCF, Posters at crowded places, BookMyShow, RJ announcements, TV Channels, Flyers in Newspapers.
  5. General framework of Thank you and Signup Confirmation Email, Handouts design, 3 ideas on social games for fun activity.
  6. Usage of google forms for members registration to skip the eventzilla fee.
  7. Idea for creating awareness in people about how important it is to donate blood and pledge organs, rain water harvesting, organic farming.
  8. Thoughts on Organizing of cooks, utensils, arranging extra tables for lunch.
  9. Activity thoughts – livelihood survival stalls, meditation, generic medicine knowledge.
  10. Planning for skits – Practice before you Preach, Initiation rather than thinking Someone should do it.

Current Work Update

10:33 – Members have chosen tasks and are off to different parts of the workshop house, working in their own style and comfort 🙂  Stretching, dozing 🙂
We will get back together to a “checkpoint” meeting at 11:30 to keep track of progress.

Deep in thoughts .. planning the events speeches .. although this might look like dozing to normal eye 🙂

Email templates, Forms, Handouts and What Not …. Collaborate Collaborate 🙂

Channeling the Event Workflow is not easy task – he needs two heads .. one in the mirror too 🙂

11:30 – Members get together for checkpoint meet. Refer list of tasks done.. its being updated as I hear the progress on work.

Check-listing and filtering progress of all tasks.

14:07 – All members jumped on the pizza guy and tore the pizzas off, munching them like wild animals.. nah just kidding 🙂

Food as motivation for better quality of Work. Oh YES!

Ta Na Na Na Na Ri … Oye Pizza Aye Ri … Ta Na Na Na Na Re…

14:50 – Back to work, based on ideas shared.. see List of Tasks.. grown from 1 to 9 now 😛 .. We’ll get together again at 17:00 for another checkpoint session.

16:10 – We started this checkpoint pretty early.. but the discussions are still going on. We’ve threaded into a territory of interesting discussions where ‘selfless behavior’ and ‘qualities of a person’ to be in ‘real service’ is being mused on.
Who wants a Google Hangout of this awesome discussion? 🙂

17:51 – We decided to go Live with Google Hangout and Live Youtube streaming here

Child Adoption

Posted: October 16, 2012 by kalyanuday in Information

Child Adoption in Telangana and Andhrapradesh.
Legal adoption is done only from Govt. authorized centers. They are mainly named SISHU GRUHA/VIHAR, there are many centers in different districts and head quarters located in Hyderabad named STATE HOME at Yousufguda, hyderabad.

Please find the head office/Hyderabad center it in this map (center of the map is sate home, getting our mouse pointer over it, will label the place
(It’s a Govt. center)

List of legal adoption centers in Andhra Pradesh and their contact details can be found at:

Adoption now a days takes long procedures takes almost 1-2 yrs for a girl child and 4-5yrs for a boy, from when we are registered to them.

Usually procedure of adoption is something like this,
We have to reach our near Govt. centers who are legal body to give adoption. (State home/Sishu Vihar/Sishu Gruha). Have to share our interest: that we are looking for adoption. Ones we meet to the eligibility criteria (set of rules) then our request will be registered (have to fill forum). They have some background check i guess (this is where they take time). After all the proceedings and legal movements, home management will give us a call in informing us the result

You living in a district can register for adoption only at your local/nearest center(address proof) and can’t do it in any other districts. But any resident of Andhra Pradesh can file a registration at Hyderabad.
Still recommended to reach the nearest center first,(even though they might guides to Hyderabad if they have no kids to adopt) because of the difference in the processing time period.
Hyderabad center takes more time than the districts or other centers does, reason is simple Hyd. being the head quarter for AndhraPradesh, there’s high in getting registrations, so obviously getting our turn(file) takes time from that big stack.

Note: Don’t think we can select which kid to take, hopefully they will be tagging a kid to us.
Not sure will we be even allowed to see kids at the time of registration.
To the heard, recently there are few other legal centers added for adoption, but still rules & regulations and time period doesn’t change much guess.


We do not take any responsibility in any of the adoption procedure. we are just trying to provide the info.

Can try with these official authorities: (the below information was posted by one of the visitor to our blog, we do not bear any responsibility for its accuracy)

Ms. Y.V. Anuradha
Voluntary Coordinating Association,
C/o Director, Women Development & Child Welfare Department,
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh,
8-3-222, Ameerpet, Vengalrao Nagar,
Hyderabad – 500 038, Andhra Pradesh
Ph. No.: 040 – 23733665 / 3221
Fax No.: 040 – 23732587
Ms. Vijay Lakshmi
Assistant Director
O/o. Directorate of Women Development and Child Welfare Department
IInd Floor, Swarnajayanthi Complex
Ameerpet, Hyderabad
Mobile No: 09440814425
Tel. No.: 040-23730520/ 23732587 / 23733221-Ext: 238.
Adoption Section Ext No: 222 Fax: 040-23730520
Smt. A. Sreedevi
Superintendent (DWCD)
Mobile No: 09553868877

Gifting 2nd Life

Posted: October 15, 2012 by Harini in Members Experiences

September 08, 2012:

It was the day of “Krishnashtami” (according to Vaishnavism Calendar, the birthday of Lord Krishna). I was in my grandma’s place for the celebrations not to miss my all time favorite “venna – fresh butter” and “meegada – milk cream”.

I was having a good time with my granny, uncle, aunt and cousins, and in the conversation were discussing about the life of Visually Challenged. As I knew little bit about their lifestyle was explaining about their daily chores – how they carry out, what are the fields they can get jobs etc and in this process tried to explain the Importance of Pledging Eyes.  After explaining and answering few queries, they showed interest to pledge their Eyes. Within no time, I handed over the eye-pledge forms and got filled 🙂 .
My Aunt informed about pledging eyes to her sisters family and they approached for the eye-pledge forms! (+5)

In the late evening after krishnashtami celebrations got an invite to my cousin’s place for a birthday celebration. With the push back from my Uncle and Aunt, reluctantly tried to start the topic of Pledging Eyes, as I don’t speak anything about service activities to my relations. But surprisingly got more forms filled for Eye-Pledge.
Total Eye-Pledge Forms:  14 (excluding that of my cousins who wished to submit forms by themselves (35+)
Done.! Got confidence to speak about the good things and learnt that never to stop ourselves for Good Things. Our responsibility ends by sharing our idea or thought., its upto the opposite person whether to go with it or not.
I’m sharing this as their might be many people like me and this would help:
just with little time spent and few simple words spoken made the things done. I’m surprised by the encouraging response and realized that:

Its as simple as having a cup of coffee 🙂 🙂 🙂
So friends Lets not stop (hesitate) ourselves for the Good Things, just let it happen.
Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle and to Saayam Cheddam Foundation with the help of which I came to know the facts of Eye-Pledge and also had the Eye-Pledge forms ready with me.
All my cousins who pledged eyes inquired about “Organ- Donation!”

Weavers at Kappaladoddi village, Krishna Dist.

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Below are the videos that were recorded by a villager in showing the authorities who will never step to see them suffering that way. Yes this will even help us to understand how their conditions will be in rainy season (if huge rains)
For more details on this study:  SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION














Though these video files where shared before in forums, guess many of us are unknown to them now. So finally here all of them in a post. I am not involved as field volunteer in Kaappaladoddi village, but a serious follower of every update/share that SCF volunteers share on this. It took me a week to come out of that sadness after reading their helpless conditions.

Thanks to SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION in bringing this up.