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How helpful education is ?

Posted: September 21, 2012 by kiranf9 in Uncategorized

The pic below has been captured while Saayam Cheddam Foundation’s 2nd campaigning drive to Maadugula – July 17, 2012.

He is the first guy who have completed SSC (10th standard) from his village: D.Suravaram, Maadugula, Vishakapatnam Dist. Indeed the first guy who is well educated(at that time) from that village.

What is he doing now ?
As even his looks says, he is not doing great in life/for his family – To the heard he runs a small cigarette shop for livelihood and an alcoholic by himself.

Seeing him I am really confused, what education have given him ?
Because, where as others of his age group, who are not educated are living much better.

Felt like, education have wasted his time.. if not spending that time at work would have given him some experience and would match up life with his co-friends.
Education at that place in that time didn’t fetch him any job/livelihood ?. or Didn’t he strive ?
Education should be completed / shouldn’t be stopped between ?

(Villages here most are tribal in which few have Govt. schools and are mostly upto 5th standard. Nice that SCF has stepped and it’s initiation would push most of them to complete schooling and interested to support for completion
Better study on this project:  SAAYAM CHEDDAM FOUNDATION)

Fun Filled

Posted: September 10, 2012 by kiranf9 in Events

This is at BE AWARE event – a team building activity in understand and build ourselves to a strong team.

This video features SCF members cutting the cake, dated April 01 2012. Indeed that was SCF’s 5th anniversary (just a day belated :P)

SCF rarely celebrates and this is one among such. Most of the time we engage ourselves in doing the serious work.
Indeed this is the first time we are cutting a cake in our 5 yrs of journey.