It just about INTEREST

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We appreciate someone going out of their way in helping a needy.
Then what can we call this ?

An IIT Professor who owns a luxury life, leaves all of it for working on his interest: Tribal uplift.
Alok Sagar saab, a big salute to you. For not just what you are doing, but the way you are doing as well. It’s not come and go to the village, but you are there as one among them(living their life, facing the same problems they would…)

Thank you for showing all of us how easy it is to leave luxury / controversy / complaining   and live a life we wanted with great satisfaction.

Thank you for Inspiring us

Feel Good News 🙂

The store reaches out to slum dwellers, migrants and homeless people in an effort to achieve all-round community development.

Eighty-year-old Mohammad Shahuddin was happily choosing from a few clothes that Kiran Kumar who works at a store in Mehdipatanam was showing him.

As the man who works as a security guard and has measly monthly earnings of Rs 3000, walks out with a packet, he hasn’t paid a single paisa to the store.

Looking at a wheelchair in the store, he said, “I want to take this as it’s really difficult for me to walk at this age, but we stay in a small single room so there is no space for this wheelchair. I cannot even accommodate it even if I get this for free.

L-R Kiran Kumar(Project Coordinator) showing clothes to Mohammad Shahuddin

Like Shahuddin, many others come to the ‘Goodwill store’ in Hyderabad and shop for free.

The store was launched on October 2, 2015 in Mehdipatnam area of Hyderabad with the aim of providing underprivileged people, basic needs like clothing. The store collects household goods and clothing from different parts of the city through people who donate used materials. The needy can just walk in on any Thursday and Saturday and select clothes for free.

The store reaches out to slum dwellers, migrants and homeless people in an effort to achieve all-round community development.

‘Goodwill Store’ is a part of the LSN foundation, which is a non-profit organization established at Hyderabad in 2007. The main focus of the foundation is to support vulnerable sections of society.

Manjula Pallipoyena, 38-year-old founder of LSN foundation and Goodwill store, told The News Minute, “In one of my visits to Bojjagutta slum near Mehdipatnam, I have seen there are migrant workers who are in need of clothing, food supplies, and kitchen utensils, books, play material for children and many more things.”

Right -Manjula Pallipoyena with other ladies from Bojjagutta slum

“I also observed that slum dwellers and the poor are not able to shop with any sense of dignity or confidence. There are many families in the city, which throw out a lot of used/unused clothes, materials as and when they get transferred or for other reasons. That’s where the idea of bridging the gap through Goodwill store was born,” she added.

Speaking about the hurdles they face, Manjula explains, “We need more volunteers to collect donations from different parts of the city. Most of the time, we face the challenge of how to transport things. We would like to encourage neighbourhoods and residential areas to have collection drives to mobilize things for the store.”

Manjula strongly believes that the solution to this problem involves employing a strategy called ‘Receiving Mechanism’ i.e. reviving people through consciousness.

It’s not a charity, clothing is a basic need and state and civil societies need to focus on basic needs along with other issues. Goodwill store is not just a distribution store but it’s a vehicle to bring issues that are sidelined on to the table and to bring communities together to make them aware of their own strengths, Manjula adds.

45-year-old Bassapa looked happy with his red shirt which he seleced at Goodwill store

Thirty-two-year-old Venkantamma from Mehboobnagar who works as a domestic help said, “I work in a men’s hostel. I was not aware of this store but today I suddenly walked in to this store and am glad to know about this initiative, which is a great help for people like us.  My family stays in Mehboobnagar. I came to Hyderabad for work. I earn around Rs 4000.  We never go for shopping, once in a year may be we go to some small shop and buy for around Rs 50 to Rs 60. But today I got many clothes and I also selected some for my husband and kids. They will be really glad to see these clothes.”

Venkantamma selecting clothes for her husband and kids


Do to Gain

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There were events where it took long duration of hard work, draining us completely out. Though in both the cases, task was completed successfully, but this one was different.

I am talking about the event: Volunteering for Krishna Sadan – Kitchen Cleaning.

I am not explaining on what we did, for that please read it out at: Facebook Event
I am here to share How it went…

The day was so fresh and healthy,
We stepped in to the home with no idea on what task we will be given, I take it a good sign here with Krishna Sadan. (many reasons). When said about Kitchen Organizing and Cleaning, we have no clew on what can we really make or where to start with. (we are new to this kind of task)
We looked in to the kitchen and we didn’t felt it bad, it is in moderate condition. Look like cleaning selves and re-arranging / re-positioning few regularly used utensils will do the job, that’s how we started.
Slowly this list was getting bigger as we progress and ended up in doing(majorly)… dusting out whole kitchen to the possible reach, fridge cleaning(external), checking up each box/utensil and their contains, discarding the expiry, moving out the un-used, new arrangements and placings, buying new utensils in replacing few discards, kitchen platform and tiles cleaning(hard core, took almost 2 hrs), stove cleaning, soap washed the flooring…etc

All these adding are done out of volunteer’s willing not by anyone’s force or to gain someone’s impression.
Believe me, Platform and stove cleaning was not at all easy.

Know what, the difference is, we didn’t knew that we have done it all.
Yes we worked, yes we sweated, yes it was 7 Hrs of task….
But here’s the difference…. No weren’t drained out, No we weren’t out of energy, No we weren’t irritated…

This was something special.
Though we Volunteers had good understanding, cooperating among us and leading to our strengths, I don’t think we are the main reason of this extremely satisfied and joy filled day..
It was absolutely something else which had greater impact than ourselves…
Guess… it might be the positive vibrations that Krishna Sadan itself has / GOD willed and it all happened

Of what ever the the reason is, we volunteers experienced this energy.
After the task, mentally and physically we were as fresh and energetic as we were about the start the day, indeed we were much stronger!!. Leaving from Krishna Sadan, we just remember that we enjoyed the whole day

It is not easy to keep these emotions in text. Even today after a month from the event, when trying to recollect what we did in cleaning the kitchen, I could memorize only the good feel we experienced and nothing else.

Thank your KRISHNA SADAN and Krishna Mohan for giving this task to SAAYAM CHEDDAM and being the reason in giving us such lovely experience. And not to forget Rithika (KRISHNA SADAN’s volunteer/staff) for the lovely fellowship.

It’s not like I / We not happy with other events till now, NO not at all. In every constructive event we all had joy and be satisfied, but after every long hard working day we usually feel strained physically. And in this event, that physically down wasn’t there, that’s the difference!!

It is

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For all those who have this opinion:
It’s first Mind/Idea and then Money
This is yet another example to your strength.

Service / helping is not just about Money…


It is a wonderful idea and congratulations for making it happen.
Well done “Molty Foam”

Touch of Love

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” LOVE can do miracles “
We all agree the statement, but very rarely we keep it in practice and especially when it is really required.

Was Spellbound seeing this video

The touch of Love is just amazing…
We belonging to NGO, I think we should be equally carrying the quality of LOVE, specially while talking to the needy

Give or Get

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Came across a image which has good sense in it… and so here I m sharing it


Can do far more to what we think we can

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Completely agree with the lady said….at 1:15 – More than anything we need job (to be independent)
But just agreeing with it does nothing to the NEEDY,… Really inspiring that this CEO, the young female understanding it and taking a step ahead in giving a shape to her emotion.
Resulting 2:05

Thank you for showing and proving : We can do far more to what we think we CAN !!
Taken the learn: not just giving an opinion but to step up and do, or in other way, when I do nothing to it.. should just shut my mouth and let others do in their way.